Should You Create a LinkedIn Profile When Applying for New Jobs?
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By November 25, 2022 jobs, Tips for Job Seekers

Is it wise to create a LinkedIn profile before applying for a new job? Will it help you land your dream job if you’ve just started applying for jobs?

The season of job change has officially begun, and a lot of people are searching for new jobs these days. But finding a suitable position in your industry can be quite difficult. This is because there are so many options available, but identifying the right opportunity for you is crucial. For this, you need to take help from a reliable staffing agency Brampton, who can guide you in the right direction. 

When you contact a staffing agency, they play a cupid between the employee and the employer. They will connect the right employees with employers looking for employees just like them. This way, finding the right position will become as easy as a cakewalk for you. However, there are a few things that you should remember when you are applying for new jobs. One of them is to create a LinkedIn profile that is updated with all your information. You may be wondering why a LinkedIn profile is essential. To know more about it, continue reading.

Various organizations consider LinkedIn to be equal to a resume

Today, LinkedIn has become a popular professional platform for people from all industries. This is because no matter what industry you are working in and what job you are doing, LinkedIn is open to all professionals. Moreover, when you stick to the paper resume, it may not be as convenient. But LinkedIn has completely transformed the job scenario. Today, LinkedIn can act as a resume for any candidate. This is because it is loaded with features and advantages that make it superior to the paper resume. You can share your entire work experience on LinkedIn without limiting yourself to a single page. It also allows you to share the skills that you have. You can also share in detail about your education on LinkedIn because there is no limit on the platform. Hence, today hiring managers consider LinkedIn to be equal to a traditional resume. 

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LinkedIn allows the recruiter to know the applicant better

When you share your job application with the employer, they can only learn about your background, experience, skills, and several other such things. This would limit their knowledge about you. But LinkedIn would allow them to get a lot more information. When the recruiters check out your LinkedIn profile, they will learn a lot more about you. They can understand how you are as a professional when they check out your LinkedIn profile.

Moreover, a lot of executive recruiters Canada consider checking out the LinkedIn profile of candidates before interviewing them. If you have a LinkedIn profile that has all the information and is complete, you are more likely to get an interview. The hiring managers can pick up questions from there and discuss more meaningful topics during the interview. 

LinkedIn opens the door to an ocean of opportunities


When LinkedIn was first started, it was focused on offering its services to professionals, executives, etc. But today, businesses have understood that LinkedIn has much more to offer. One can share information and also build networks and connections with so many people on this platform. If you have the right social media skills, then LinkedIn can surely help you move ahead in your career. You can find various opportunities on this platform. You can find job postings and can also learn a lot about your industry from the leading experts who post regularly on the platform. 

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