FAQ - Career1 Staffing Solutions

If you work on Week 1, you will be paid the following Friday of week 2 for week 1. You will be paid each Friday, (always a week later than the previous week worked) either by direct deposit or by check.

It depends on the assignment and the company you are working with. Their needs vary and it could be lengthy at times, usually working 40 hours per week.

You do not have to come into the office to register, that can be done online. However, you will be required to come to the office to complete an in-person interview, and bring required forms of ID.

We require you to come with two pieces of government issued photo ID, your valid Social Security number, a voided check or a letter from your banking institution. Office positions may require a current resume, computer software testing for proficiency in Excel, Outlook, and Word. Labor positions may require an employment background check, drug screening, and/or criminal record check if applicable to the company (client).

Career1 will give you access where you wouldn’t normally have opportunities for a great job. We will assist you in getting your foot in the door as we have connections with businesses for open positions.

If you are unable to make it to work, notify our office at least 2 hours prior to the beginning of your shift and we will notify the company. Please try to report to work every day as people depend on you. Employees with poor attendance records may not be assigned in the future. Your health should be important to you. It must be managed.
We need a couple of days to notice to provide the client with a replacement for your position. Call us and we will assist you with your concerns.

Yes, our clients want to reduce their hiring risks. When they hire temporary workers, they test out their skills and make more informed hiring decisions. We advise our temporary workers to work hard, attend regularly, be punctual, and make a good impression. Then, your temporary position may turn into a permanent job.

Yes, we do. Overtime is paid after completing more than 40 hours a week and is 1.5 times of your pay rate.

You cannot confirm your own replacement. All absences must be reported to the recruiter and we will make adjustments for your absence.
We expect our employees to be responsible for their own transportation. When people begin work at any company, it is assumed they have the means to attend at that workplace. It is not any different with Career1. If an assignment is offered, let us know if you are unable to attend due to transportation issues. If we have assignments near you, we may attempt to accommodate you, but in all circumstances, you are required to report to your assignment once accepted.
We provide a small incentive for referrals if that referral is successfully assigned. There are additional bonuses for good attendance and work habits. Why not come in and discuss them further if interested.
Our database is updated every 6 months. It’s also good to revisit us so we can see you face to face. This will allow a personal interview with a recruiter to ensure we can place you into the right position.
We work in a fast paced and uncertain industry. Our clients are our priority and we need to meet their needs. Sometimes we get short warning and for that, we require you to be available on short notice. Your willingness to do so, may have you considered for future full-time openings.
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