Terms and Policies


Career1 is committed to protecting the privacy of its candidates, employees and clients. We will endeavor to ensure information is collected, used and retained in accordance with the purposes as stated here after. The Privacy Policy explains the management of your personally identifiable information collected in relation to our services from all the divisions within the Career1 Group. In order to keep up with changing legislation requirements, this policy may be updated periodically without notice. Please note that this policy does not apply to the practices of companies which are not owned or controlled by Career1.


Each of our divisions provides a unique service. Through these divisions we provide recruitment services, human resource management and payroll services. There are three main types of groups we deal with:
Candidates: people actively looking for work.
Employees: people currently employed individuals that are payrolled through Career1 .
Clients: businesses that require our services to supply them with recruitment, human resource management or payroll needs.

Definition of Personal Information

“Personal Information” is personally identifiable information, including but not limited to name, address, and date of birth, contact details, resume, qualifications, work history, skills and interests.

How do we collect Personal Information?

We collect personal information through fair and lawful means and personal information is subject to our privacy policies. Information is collected from a wide variety of sources, which includes resumes dropped off in person, received by fax or e-mail. References are obtained through telephone conversations and written reference letters Candidate application forms, payroll information, benefits application forms are received from candidates and employees by fax, e-mail and in person

Garnishee information is received from various organizations in writing by mail or fax Client information is collected by our internal staff and volunteered by our clients in order to provide them with our services We may collect personal information without consent or knowledge if it’s in the interest of the individual and consent is not obtainable in a timely manner Would compromise information availability or accuracy Is reasonable to investigate contravention of laws Is publicly available and specified in the regulations.

Why we collect Personal Information?

The very nature of our business means that we require a lot of personal information concerning individuals. Personal information is only collected in order to provide services through our divisions to our candidates, employees and clients and not for any other means.

Only relevant information is collected, to fulfill the needs and requirements to facilitate the services we offer.

How is Personal Information used?

Personal information and references regarding candidates is added to our database, and it is used to place candidates in positions at our client sites. This information may be used by any internal staff member and may be sent to clients interviewing potential candidates for positions.

Other employee personal information, such as SIN, date of birth, etc is used in order to provide payroll and human resource services to our employees.

Information regarding our clients is used only to provide services. We do not sell or share client information with any outside agency unless approval is granted by the client. Information is shared with an outside agency only if additional outsourcing services are required.

Who controls Personal Information?

All internal staffs are responsible for collection of data as required to perform their duties. It is also the responsibility of all internal staff to protect the privacy of all candidates, employees and clients.

Decisions on the collection, use, disclosure and retention of data are shared by the Management Team and the Privacy Officer. The Privacy Officer also deals with any complaints concerning privacy issues.

What is Personal Information used for?

Personal information is used only to provide services to our candidates, employees and clients. Personal information is never sold or passed on to outside organizations or individuals for purposes other than providing these services.

Where is it stored and how is it kept secure?

Storage of paper based personal information is maintained in our offices, along with external secured storage facilities. Electronic information is stored in our computer systems with back up stored off-site.

In order to protect the privacy of our employees, candidates and clients we have various levels of security in place: physical safeguards, administrative safeguards and technical safeguards.

Physical safeguards include:

Locked cabinets and storage areas
Limited access to areas where personal information is filed or stored
Shredding papers containing personal information when disposing
Alarms and pass keys for restricted areas

Administrative safeguards include:

Staff training on privacy policies and procedures
Staffs are required to acknowledge and sign a confidentiality agreement.

Technical Safeguards:

The most secure technology is used where possible to protect personal information. Our Information Technology department monitors access and use of our electronic systems and is responsible for maintaining the security of our systems through use of tools such as firewalls, anti-virus programs and passwords. All internal passwords are changed regularly.

All staffs are responsible to protect personal information using the security safeguards in a manner appropriate for the type of information.